Artist Statement
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Artist Statement

Change is inevitable. Awareness, observation, with a nod to the personal keeps me current. Yes, “art reflects life”; and complex world situations, technology, and the changes within my own personal reality such as health, age, and family, influences my current painting practice. I draw inspiration and ideas from my “collective” life, past and present. Contained between the multiple layers of pigment, my paintings are a record, my visual language that expresses a narrative. The decisions I make when creating art are conscious and deliberate choices leaning more to the positive. I feel the world has just too much reality at the moment, and although not ignoring what I call the “ugly”, I choose to control it.

Full of life; these paintings are colorful, fun, imaginative, happy, maybe mysterious; POSITIVE! They are constructed layer upon layer, sometimes painted with brushes, other times with whatever is at hand. I am very interested in personal symbolism and intuitive mark making. I uncover, and cover up again (not everything needs to be revealed), but, everything is recorded, somewhere. Sometimes I allow small glimpses of imagery “to peek” through, a reminder that “there is always more to what meets the eye than what appears on the surface”, my attempt to tweak your curiosity.

In painting I can imagine like a child, no inhibitions, no fear, try new things; loving color, mark making, pattern, and so much more! Maps, quilts, prairie, furrows, seeds, natural, or imaginary, what do they represent? Yes, no, maybe. It doesn't matter, filled with hope and optimism; I am remembering how to play again, explore, get lost, wander,follow the signs. Kindly enjoy...