Artist Statement
Interview (Video)


Born in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, my childhood was spent growing up and working on our family farm. Having enough water meant collecting and saving every drop from rooftops; shade was never taken for granted as every tree had to be planted and nurtured in order to grow. On hot summer days, when others were vacationing, my brother and I were helping Dad putting up hay in the roadside ditches. Sometimes I would ignore chores and escape into the wheat fields, lie down, and watch the clouds. The prairie landscape defined my conscious and unconscious boundaries. I was connected! I belonged!

My adult life was in complete contrast! As a military wife my roots where contained within my memories. I planted many trees but never stayed long enough to enjoy shade. I lived a nomadic, transient life. No matter where I lived (that being many, many places), I carried that sense of place, my “prairie,” deep inside me.

I reside in St. Albert, Alberta. In addition to painting full time, I work 3D in clay and am an avid gardener. My hands, working hands, always dirty; covered in paint or soil...linked to the earth literally and prairie.